The founder and owner of Modine Aviation is also the primary flight instructor and aviation consultant.

Amon "CJ" Modine, is a retired Paramedic from the Fire Department of New York (FDNY*EMS). He was an educator at the Fire Academy, where he oversaw the development of Emergency Medical Services Training for young candidate EMTs, Paramedics and Firefighters. Like many others in the FDNY, he responded to the World Trade Center attack on 9/11. He survived the collapse of the second tower.

Amon, now retired from the Department, lives on Central Florida's Space Coast with his family.

To ensure you get the best training possible, we collaborate with other flight instructors who have similar flight training experience, to conduct stage checks and pre-checkride evaluations.
Fire Department of New York
Educator at the Fire Academy EMS division,
Training Center Coordinator and Regional Faculty for the American Heart Association
Adjunct Faculty at the City University of New York.

He served on the Board of Directors of the Orlando Apopka Airport, where he assisted in the development of the airport, establishing instrument approach procedures (TERPS), and installation of VASI (Visual Approach Slope Indicators) for both ends of the runway.

Current Pilot and Flight Instructor ratings:
Commercial Pilot, Instrument Airplane.
Single Engine and Multi Engine Land.

Flight Instructor:
FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructor
FAA Safety Team Lead Representative
Certified Flight Instructor-Airplane (CFI-A)
Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument (CFI-I)
Multiengine Instructor (MEI)
Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI)
Instrument Ground Instructor (IGI)
Total flight time (as of Summer 2017) ~8400 hours and counting.